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My Friends & Their Plants

From the beginning...

“My Friends And Their Plants” was just an idea - an idea to somehow incorporate, well, my friends and their plants. Though it eventually took final form in a self published book and gallery release, the initial idea was created when searching for my latest passion project.

I’m an avid storyteller, previously often using the medium of documentary filmmaking. However, a storytelling photography series is something I had my mind set on next. The plan was simple: invite my friends over, ask them to bring a plant, and tell me a story or share an anecdote about it.

When I began I wasn’t sure where or how the project was going to end up. I had set up a small studio space in the corner of my apartment and over the next few months the project grew (pun intended) into something much bigger. As word of mouth spread, more friends were made and photographed for the series - capturing beautiful portraits and some incredible stories. It was during the process of the project that the idea of a book came about and seemed to be a fitting exposition, in addition to a gallery show.

After 6 months of shooting, editing, and publishing, “My Friends And Their Plants” took life and was released in May of 2019, immediately selling out. The gallery show was an incredible celebration of the project and everyone involved. In addition to the book, other merch items were created to accompany the series and available for purchase.

A digital version of the book is available for viewing via Instagram.

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